About Us

“Our mission is to find those special wines that represent great value for our clients."

Our Story

At Artisanal Wine Imports, we pride ourselves in finding hidden gems that are not typically available in Ontario. We travel (or rather Zoom, these days) extensively, visiting and speaking with winemakers on a regular basis as we are constantly looking for that rare mix of quality and value. From Old to New World World , Champagne to California, we challenge ourselves to find winemakers that bring great value to our clients' tables.

We invite you to explore the varieties we have to offer. We also encourage you to contact us and share your suggestions.

Who we are

We are a well-funded, growing mid-size wine & spirits agency with a wide portfolio servicing the key markets in the province of Ontario, Canada. Unlike the larger agencies we like to connect with and develop a relationship with all of our producers.

Launched in 2005 by 2 self-professed “Burgundy Geeks”, Artisanal Wine Imports started as a small agency dedicated to importing high-end wines from Burgundy.

What we do

We hold regular tastings for our clients so they can experience first-hand the quality that we bring to the province. We also travel the world to see and meet winemakers in their world to better understand how their wines differ from everyone else so we can more clearly articulate their uniqueness to our clients.

Where we are going

We understand the important role wine plays in the food experience. To that end, we look for new and innovative ways to introduce these experiences to our clients.

We are developing an expertise in sparkling wines and believe that the Ontario market is ready to embrace the everyday celebratory and culinary aspect of these wines. We are becoming one of the go-to Ontario agents that can provide sparkling wines at various price points and taste profiles.

We, as a team, are passionate about wine yet, we understand that selling wine is a business and needs to be taken seriously. We also understand the complexities of growing within a monopoly environment as well as helping our producers find growth in the emerging Ontario market. Our staff brings unique skills that are not necessarily present in most other agents: We have experience in managing businesses, growing markets, working with highly regulated monopolies, building relationships and we also have unique experience in understanding what our clients need to grow their businesses.